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You are the gate keeper of the underworld. Hades has assigned you the task to ensure that no souls escape. Any soul who leaves the underworld is awarded a lifetime of partying, which you must pay for. Stop them and kill them before they free themselves!

Don't get killed and don't run out of money!


Start/Pause: Start (ENTER on keyboard)
Movement: Game-pad left-stick (arrow keys on keyboard)
Jump: A  ('S' on keyboard)
Use active item: B ('D' on keyboard)
Switch active item: Y ('W' on keyboard)
Melee attack: X ('A' on keyboard)
Exit: ESC

When shop is active:

Purchase bomb: B ('D' on keyboard)
Purchase wall: Y ('W' on keyboard)
Purchase health: X ('A' on keyboard)

Install instructions

Unzip and run imp.exe!


imp.zip 1 MB

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